We find your individual way to success on social media!

Experienced creators with millions of followers meet companies seeing the potential to master social media via short videos. Reach new target groups, acquire new talents or sell more products with an individual content strategy for TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. We offer a wide range of services including consultation and conception, video production and campaign management.


As influencers ourselves, we worked with over 25 different companies for content creation as part of paid partnerships, reaching over 15 million people with sponsored videos. Returning costumers include Divoom, Speedwrite and NordVPN.


We know how to create viral short video content on different platforms. If you want to work with actual social media experts, work with us!

Our Services

We are happy to help you grow organically by improving your content with our help. We analyzed hundreds of company profiles and believe that authenticity is the key to growth. Do you agree? Let's find out what we can do for you!

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First, we analyze your existing social media performance and your company to decide how we can help you. After this free review, we will develop a content strategy based on your individual goals or provide our tips on how to make the existing strategy better. We will therefore train you how to produce content with great potential as a company and provide ongoing support, analysis and strategy improvements. 

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After finding the best content strategy to start, we offer to work even more closely with you to deliver daily video scripts to ensure a perfectly guided social media experience so you do not have to worry about what to create.

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We will teach you what we know about all the different platforms and their unique algorithms to share our deep understanding. You will never miss any relevant news and insights about new possibilities or the latest trends.

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For the reason we are influencers ourselves and worked with a lot of companies, including the ones mentioned in our references above, we know fair prices in our industry and how smart you can manage your budget as a company. We also have management contracts with a lot of other influencers, which enables us to offer lower prices. We will find influencers in the right niche to reach your campaign goals and make the most of your budget!

See what‘s included - Ad Campaigns

We all made it big on TikTok by posting naturally as well as many other companies. Ads tend to have a 5x lower engagement rate combined with a high cost. Therefore, we currently prefer testing if the audience likes a video naturally and if it does, we suggest to boost that video and turn it into an ad.

On other platforms, ads are usually a better option as it is slightly harder to grow organically. We will provide our insights and help you optimize your strategy. Therefore, we also offer ad campaign management!

We will do social media for you

If you do not want to spend a lot of time worrying about your social media presence, we are here for you. We offer account management, video creation and video editing based on your individual needs. All our employees have years of experience creating content, because they are influencers themselves.

For some companies, it might be required to visit a local store or factory to create videos. We offer solutions for that!

Ready to go viral?

How it works


We will analyze your current social media presence and potential for free to decide if you are a good fit and give you feedback. This might include asking you a few further questions via email or perhaps a conversation.



If we decide to work with you, you will receive an offer based on your requirements with a list of suggested services and the cost.


Potentially, this can be the start of a successful collaboration. We will immediately start working on your project after an agreement has been reached.