A young agency powered by creators who managed to share their creativity with millions!

We are a small team of experienced and passionate creators who are eager to share their expertise. 

Our team

WayTooViral is part of M&M Digital Creations, a company of creators founded to power a multi channel network including some of the accounts listed below. M&M Digital Creations alone manages international accounts with 11 million followers across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. The rest of our team consists of more influencers from Germany and the USA. 


Mike and his team are known for the account "googlemapsfun" on TikTok. They also have other accounts with 195k and 50k followers. On Instagram, they own an account with 200k and 15k followers, while their youtube channel has around 870k subscribers. 

Jagger creates entertaining videos with his girlfriend, which made him famous on TikTok. On Instagram and YouTube, he managed to build a small but loyal fan base.